4k video generation
4k video generation

Audio Mixer & Talkback System

Audio commixing for film and television is a process during the post-engenderment stage of a moving image program by which a multitude of recorded sounds are cumulated into one or more channels. In the process, the source signals' caliber, frequency content, dynamics and panoramic position are commonly manipulated and effects such as reverberation might be integrated.

The process takes place on a commix stage, typically in a studio or theater, once the picture elements are edited into a final version. Mundanely the engineer will commix four main audio elements: verbalization (dialogue, ADR, voice-overs, etc.), ambience (or atmosphere), sound effects, and music.


Used Audio Mixer Talk-Back System, Intercom. Yamaha, Sony, SSL (Solid State Logic), Studer, Midas, Tascam. Catalog online. Discount items.


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