4k video generation
4k video generation

Broadcast video server SD - HD

In TV Broadcast industries, a server is a contrivance used to store broadcast quality images and sanctions several users to edit stories utilizing the images they contain simultaneously.

The video server can be utilized in a number of contexts, some of which include:

  • News: providing short news video clips as a component of a news broadcast as visually perceived on networks (like CNN and Fox News).

  • Engenderment: enhance live events with instant replays and slow kineticism and highlights (sport engenderment) (visually perceive OB Vans)

  • Ordinant dictation: distributing course material in video format.

  • Public Access: distributing city categorical information to denizens over a cable system.

  • Surveillance: distribute authentic-time video images of bulwarked sites.

  • Regalement: distribute film trailers or music videos.


Typically, a video server can do the following:

  •     Ingest of different sources : video cameras (multiple angles), satellite data aliments, disk drives and other video servers. This can be done in different codecs.

  •     Transitory or definitive storage of these video victuals.

  •     Maintain a clear structure of all stored media with felicitous metadata to sanction expeditious search : denomination, remarks, rating, date, time code, etc.

  •     video editing of the different clips

  •     Transfer those clips to other video servers or playout directly (via IP interface or SDI)

  • Generally, they have several bi directional channels (record and ingest) for video and audio. An impeccable synchronisation is indispensable between those channels to manage the aliments.

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