ob van for sale
ob van for sale

Sony HDC 1450R NTSC Countries

Pursuing the ultimate HD system for today and for tomorrow, Sony sets another milestone in the history of multi-format HD camera systems - the HDC-1450R - offering a broader cull of interlace and progressive formats, much more preponderant picture quality, and enhanced operational flexibility.

The HDC-1450R incorporates an incipiently developed CCD imager and DSP LSI - two key contrivances that sanction it to achieve ultimate picture performance in a variety of scanning modes. The CCD utilized in this camera can accommodate all popular interlace and progressive scan formats including 1080/50 as well as the highest-quality 720/50P images.


Used Sony HDC-1450R for sale. HD professional video camera. HDCU-1500 RCP-1500 HDVF-20A HDVF-C730W VCT14. Low price channel. Next version of HDC-1450. NTSC countries. Triax camera system.

  • Includes per channel NTSC Countries only :
  • 4              Sony HDC-1450R – Triax Cameras
  • 4              HDCU-1500CCU
  • 4              Fiber to Triax Converters
  • 4              RCP-750
  • 2              ENG Finders
  • 2              Studio Finders


Price :  € 25,000   Condition : Very Good

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