4k video generation
4k video generation

Sony HXC-100

Sony's standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) generation cameras have been broadly acknowledged by a awesome number of video experts around the world, due to their fabulous picture execution and framework versatility. Sony is presently glad to present the unused HXC-100 HD/SD Framework Camera prepared with recently created advanced triax innovation, which permits frameworks to be arranged with customary triax. The HXC-100 camera bolsters flexible applications for HD with a high-quality SD yield. It employments the most recent 14-bit A/D transformation circuit as well as the wonderful 2/3-inch Control HAD FX CCDs to bring out tall picture quality. Together with the exceedingly compact 1.5 RU HXCU-100 Camera Control Unit and a farther control board from Sony, the HXC-100 camera offers a reasonably straightforward framework. With a assortment of useful capacities stuffed into the camera, such as its Center Help work, the HXC-100 gives veritable user-friendliness. Power HAD FX CCD gives indeed more noteworthy picture performance. The utilize of a unused, state-of-the-art CCD sensor guarantees tall quality pictures indeed at moo light level. The tall affectability of F11 at 2000 lux, at the side a flag to commotion proportion of -55 dB combine to provide uncommon picture quality. Dual-format operation - 1080 50i and 720 50P. The HXC-100 can work in a wide assortment of capturing modes, counting 1080 50i and 720/50p. In expansion this framework has wide-band down convertor, which offers this framework as beat quality HD prepared SD framework camera. Ergonomic Design The plan of the HXC-100 is based on over two decades of Sony involvement in fabricating broadcast video cameras and camcorders, and gives a high level of operability. All control switches and connectors are within the most coherent places and are situated for ideal usefulness and ease of utilize. The HXC-100's moo middle of gravity plan permits the administrator to carry the camera comfortably on the bear.

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Used Sony HXC-100 for sale. HD professional video camera. HXCU-100 RCP-920 HDVF-200 HDVF-C550W . Low price channel.

Sony HXC-100 Chains for sale Sony HXC-100 Chains
  • Includes per channel :
  • 7x HXC-100
  • 7x HXCU-100
  • 7x HDVF-C730
  • 7x HDVF-20A
  • 7x RCP-750
  • 7x VCT-14
  • Mint Condition

Price : € 12.500,- Condition : Mint Condition

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