4k video generation
4k video generation

Grass Valley Turbo T1 iddr

Belden GVG Broadcast Digital disk video recorder HDD DVR T2


The Turbo iDDR is a multi-channel digital video recorder that sanctions simultaneous record and playback of media stored on internal disk drives. The Turbo iDDR features a single record channel (R1) and two play channels (P1/P2). Hours of storage depends on the video compression settings culled. The front panel touch screen and TFT exhibit along with front panel convey controls sanction facile operation and monitoring with minimal external connections. The iDDR additionally provides a built in digital disk recorder application— AppCenter Workstation. This application is available when you connect a keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor to the iDDR rear panel. The Workstation application provides a graphical utilizer interface to handle all essential tasks provided in front panel mode and more.


Used Grass Valley Turbo T1 for sale. GVG Broadcast Digital disk video recorder. Belden HDD DVR T2.

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