4k video generation
4k video generation

Used OB Van for sale

Outside broadcasting (OB van) is the electronic field engenderment (EFP) of television or radio programmes (typically to cover television news and sports television events) from a mobile remote broadcast television studio. Professional video camera and microphone signals come into the engenderment truck for processing, recording and possibly transmission. The mobile engenderment control room (PCR) is kenned as a engenderment truck, scanner (a BBC term), mobile unit, remote truck, live truck, OB van or live ocular perceiver. In the Cumulated States an "OB van" is more minuscule in size than an engenderment truck and generally require two or three people in the field to manage. For instance, broadcast journalism news heralds providing live television, local news in the field outside a formal television studio.

Used Ob Van For Sale. SD HD. Ob vans (outside broadcast vans) trucks or rigid truck small and large, semi trailer lenghts and width. Any number of used cameras equipments for  production. All Vehicles or mobile tv obvan units get a nice design.

used ob van for sale 3 to 6 Cameras



used ob van for sale 8 Cameras and More




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