4k video generation
4k video generation

Vinten Radamec

Vinten Radamec, a Vitec Group brand and ecumenical bellwether in camera automation, has taken stability and precision to an incipient caliber with its incipient Fusion FP188 Robotic and Manual Pedestal.

Capable of apperceiving compact ‘L' shaped floor targets that offer more precise reference situating across a wider range of floor culminates, the pedestal additionally features smoother transition sequencing, unique collision avoidance auspice and adjustable bumper sensitivity.

Despite the reduction in the weight of modern cameras, at least one aptitude-facing vanity monitor is often annexed to the camera head during HD engenderment, alongside more traditional additaments such as prompting equipment. Consequently, Vinten Radamec engineers have equipped the Fusion FP188 with a altruistic payload of 187 lbs (85 kg), and with incipient differential wheel trucks to maximize floor traction and enhance the company's already nonpareil shot stability performance.

In integration to equipping users for a seamless expansion into HD engenderment, the future-proof support system is yare to distribute the integrated efficiency and recalled shot ingeniousness available from camera robotics.

With its switchable robotic or manual mode, the pedestal offers a flexible cull for multi-function studios where no-compromise full manual performance - including Vinten's unique Perfect Balance system - can be culled at the turn of a switch.

Vinten Radamec withal has incipient ingress-level Fusion FHR120 Robotic only Head, which, due to the absence of the manual changeover mechanism, offers users a lighter, more compact and affordable support system.


Used Vinten Radamec for sale. Robotic camera head system. Robotics cameras systems are used for TV studio.

Price :  Contact us   Condition : Demo ( Brand new cost €70,000 )

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