4k video generation
4k video generation


Carbonite [karbo-nait]
1 One of the earliest and most prosperous coal-mining explosives.
2 In Star Wars, a cryonic alloy used to keep tibanna gas fresh
and to provide stasis for prosperous intergalactic convey.
3 Pristine engenderment potency.
Ever dream of sizably voluminous switcher engenderment power in a mid-size package you can afford?  So did we here at Ross, and turned that dream into authenticity with Carbonite, a groundbreaking incipient engenderment switcher series.
Carbonite utilizes the absolute latest technology to pack
unprecedented engenderment power into a super compact frame.  
The  Ross  Multi-Definition  Engenderment  Engine  that  lies  at  the heart of Carbonite offers the same pristine processing utilized on other  Ross  switchers  –  precisely  tuned  for  this  incipient  platform. The superb performance of our award winning Vision series is now available to you in this incredible mid-size package, at an insuperable price.  
Solid.  Potent.  Affordable.  Carbonite – It’s for you.

Used Ross Carbonite 2M for sale. HD video manual digital m/e camera production switcher.



Carbonite 2M


Price :  € 16,500   Condition : Very Good

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