4k video generation
4k video generation

Canon Digisuper XJ100

Canon XJ100x9.3B IE D 100x 2/3inch HD Box Lens 9.3-930mm (18.6-1860mm with 2x extender) for broadcast studio/OB use. DIGI SUPER 100 offers the longest zoom ratio among the six HDTV field lens series provided by Canon. XJ100x9.3BIE-D is designed and applied with the most advanced technology in Canon optical technology, breaking the barrier of focal length range that many people think is impossible. Canon's well-known engineering design optimization strategy is once again outstandingly applied to the unique technical challenge of providing full HD image quality while achieving unprecedented focus control. The design pays special attention to simplifying the ergonomics and physical characteristics of this challenging optical system. The built-in optical image stabilization system (making such an unprecedented focal length practical) has won enthusiastic praise from the industry.


Includes :

  • 2 Controllers
  • 1 Supporter
  • 1 Flightcase


Price : €33 000,00    Condition : Excellent

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